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Your Trusted E-Glass Claim Provider in Winkler, Carman, Altona & Morden Areas

Dealing with a broken windshield and don’t know where exactly to go? Need your windshield repaired quickly and without much fuss? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Diamond Autobody & Glass is an authorized e-Glass Claims provider in Winkler, enabling our customers to get their windshields replaced with just one call or by visiting our shop. With E-Glass Claim, we can register claims directly for you with Manitoba Public Insurance, so all you have to worry about is dropping off your vehicle and picking it back up when it’s back to looking good as new.

Why Choose an E-Glass Claim?

There are tons of benefits of choosing to file an e-Glass Claim with us directly instead of going through MPI. These include:


A quicker and more convenient process

Professional advice through one simple call or visit

Direct billing to MPI

Eliminating one step of the claims process: having to call the insurance call centre

Make Your Claim Today

We’ll help you get your windshield fixed with just one call or visit.

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